Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Few Tips To Keep Your Monsoon Look Latest And Comfortable....

- Avoid too much make up because if you get wet, it will run on your face and spoil your skin

- Always use water proof liner and kajal for the season

- Take special care of your hair. Do not tie it tight as this will only make your hair lose on its natural moisture content

- Always keep your toe and hand nails painted. This will avoid them from looking dirty

- Use a lot of colour in your look. keep your look colourful with bags, accessories and clothes. It's no more about being neutral for monsoons

- Avoid denims as much as possible

- Link chains and statement bracelets look fab this season

- Beautify your feet with simple gold and neon anklets. This season is all about mixing metallic and neon

- Wear knee/ankle length bottoms and light fabric tops. You can wear white only if you are confident of pulling it off

- Invest in good skirts, shorts and knee length harem pants. They act as a saviour for the season

- You can also wear ankle and three fourth length colourful silk pants and play suits if you are not comfortable keeping your look short

- Wearing sunglasses during the season is as important as wearing them in summer as sun rays tend to pass through clouds.

Garima Saraswat Pandey
Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

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