Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Few Tips To Keep Your Monsoon Look Latest And Comfortable....

- Avoid too much make up because if you get wet, it will run on your face and spoil your skin

- Always use water proof liner and kajal for the season

- Take special care of your hair. Do not tie it tight as this will only make your hair lose on its natural moisture content

- Always keep your toe and hand nails painted. This will avoid them from looking dirty

- Use a lot of colour in your look. keep your look colourful with bags, accessories and clothes. It's no more about being neutral for monsoons

- Avoid denims as much as possible

- Link chains and statement bracelets look fab this season

- Beautify your feet with simple gold and neon anklets. This season is all about mixing metallic and neon

- Wear knee/ankle length bottoms and light fabric tops. You can wear white only if you are confident of pulling it off

- Invest in good skirts, shorts and knee length harem pants. They act as a saviour for the season

- You can also wear ankle and three fourth length colourful silk pants and play suits if you are not comfortable keeping your look short

- Wearing sunglasses during the season is as important as wearing them in summer as sun rays tend to pass through clouds.

Garima Saraswat Pandey
Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mansoon Here............guys.......

Monsoons are finally here and it's time to completely rework our wardrobes. Whites, light colours and sheers have to be reserved for the winter and rain friendly clothes and accessories have to enter for the splashy season.

I agree dressing for the weather can be quite a pain but with a little trick and understanding and what to avoid wearing, one can dress up or down in style and keep it latest at the time.

I prefer wearing the latest fashion, 'Romper' for the wet season. It is very in, provides enormous comfort and is the best way to avoid spit and spatter during the season. Plus it is very easy to wear a romper. You need minimal accessories, rain friendly flat shoes and a trendy water-proof bag and you are good to go.

The brightness of bright colours
In this season covered with blue clouds, bright colours splash a beauteous shinning. Change your wardrobe to go out somewhere. Remove off the pastel and light shades of hot weather and deck up your wardrobe from bright colours. In the monsoon season, the earth is decked up in rainbow colours. Deck yourself too with the natural colours of violet, green, blue, yellow, orange and red. You would feel energetic if you wear the clothes in fluorescent colour. Even the rain water can’t dim down the brightness of these dark shades.

The magic of latest- prints

Floral and digital prints are much in latest trend these days. The magic of the floral prints in the monsoon season speaks from the op of head. Big dotted prints in different colours are eye catching. If it is a baramuda of check topped up with dark T-Shirt of big flowery design, it would attract admiring eyes of people.

Fabrics that dry up sooner- best for monsoon season

if you have worn heavy attire and it has gotten drenched up , your day would be spoilt up. Hence wear light and sooner drying clothes. For this, light cotton, semi cotton, mixed chiffon, vial and poly nylon clothes would prove to be most appropriate. These are comfortable to wear too.

Season of Sneakers-Sandals

These days, foot wears to have become a style statement. It brings in grace along and the looks too change. This season is of sandals. Put your boots and full shoes at an abeyance in this season. Better varieties of rubber and flip-flop sandals are available in the market. The ones who love wearing high heels could wear such sandals which fits well and which are not slippery. The heels mustn’t be above 2 inches.

Fashion accessory

You can get from florescent colour raincoats to light colour ones also. If you get fed up with the same rainwear everyday, you have the option of the transparent rain wears too. The beautiful colour of y0ur clothes would look out of the transparent coat.



Garima Saraswat Pandey

Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]