Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tips For Boyish Shaped Body Figure....

As a teenager you probably wondered when your hips or your breasts will grow in. Sadly, five, ten years came and they still look like they almost never came: your hips are narrow, your bust is small and you have a non-existent waist. The boyish shape figure also known as the ruler or banana has a sporty physique and your slander figure will be envy of many.
Whether you have mastered how to create those desired curves with the use of colour and design or continually struggle we have a whole range advice articles to give you tips and ideas with dressing your body shape.


Tops for Boyish Shaped Women:

Creating those curves is easier then you think with the right clothing!
Luckily for you boyish shaped women you are able to pull off wearing high necked tops. These tops give an appearance of having a fuller chest.
Crew neck shirts or those with high necklines like turtlenecks and tops that bunch at the neck and chest.
Tasteful front pleats or frills also boost your curves and gives your upper body a soft feminine look. Fuller sleeves and floaty fabrics also look good on you.
If you want to wear straight-cut tops, choose longer tops that reach the hips and end along the waist. Sweet heart necklines will do nothing for you in the bust area so it’s best to avoid them along with baggy tops and tunics.

Is all about structure and the cinching in at the waist with your shape to easily create the illusion of that curvy body you want.
Show-off those wonderful shoulders by wearing sleeveless tops or halter cuts. Choose tops with necklines that accentuate your bust rather than strapless numbers that flatten your chest.

Banded tops with a wide hem that end at the hips add extra width along the hips. A ruffled shirt nipped at the waist also builds the same illusion of wider hips and a heavier top.

Jackets and Coats for Boyish Shaped Women:

Jackets and Coats follow the same rules basically as tops; you just need to follow the rules structured up top and a fabulous cinched in tiny waist.
A tailored, curvy jacket or smallish cardigans favored by Michelle Obama will give you that desired feminine shape.
Coats that flare out from the waist and stop at the hip will give the illusion of wider hips.
Accessorize your coats and jackets with different belts to keep that waist tucked and change its look for different occasions.
Remember to avoid boy cut jackets the straight up and down shape does not help to create curves along with slouchy jackets.
As it’s almost summer and coats will not be much use to you for a good couple of months at least why not try buying a light weight parka or even a cardigan with a tie belt for those evenings sat outside enjoying the summer nights. The soft feminine fabrics paired with the tie belt would be perfect for your shape.

Skirts and Trousers for Boyish Shaped Women

Soft skirts with materials that flow and swing are better for you than boxy minis for example because the former create the illusion of wider hips. For nights out, a swingy bias-cut dress will look sexier with girly heels.
Pencil skirts and slender shifts play up your lean looks. You can pair this with a knit top in nearly any length, as long as it fits in a straight line that skims the body without indenting at the waistline.
Mermaid skirts, skirts that are layered and textures as well as tulip skirts create bulk but without making you look frumpy.
The new bubble shorts and skirts will give your slim hips the illusion of more curviness, they work well with a tucked in slim knit top or with a cropped top
The general rule for your body shape when is come to trousers is tailored is better. Fit matters for the boyish figure.
Linen trousers would be a great option for summer giving you and elegant look whilst keeping you cool at the same time.
Detailing on the hips and bum will help broaden your hips however be careful when it comes to cargo pants, unless you can find a pair of cargo pants that are classed as feminine they will just make you appear more boyish.
If you’re feeling daring why not try peg or carrot leg trousers, they have a similar shape to them as skinny jeans (your best friends when it come to jeans!) they will show off your long lean legs whilst adding a tough of fashion

Jeans for Boyish Shaped Women:

You really shouldn’t have any problems with jeans, don’t you? With your slim hips, any kind of jeans look good on you.
Low rise jeans with wide waistbands (preferable of thicker material) that fall on the fullest part of your hips will add a few centimeters. Detailing on the hips and bum will also help to broaden those slender hips.
Skinny jeans that tightly fit, also leggings and jeggings (jeans that fit like leggings) are like your body shapes best friends, they enhance your hips show and off your long slim legs which any other body shape would kill to have. Skinny jeans are  must have in your wardrobe and are perfect for day to day right through to evening wear on a night out with your friends.
Jean styles paired with closer fitting tops should have wide or flared legs to add the illusion of a little more width or curve to your body.
Bleaching or fading effects on the thighs and bum can add contour and help create the illusion of curves.
Beware of jeans that sit on your waist they just show off the fact that there is not much of a waist there. Always try and opt for low rise jeans and add a belt to accessorize which will add width to your hips.
The darker jeans are obviously we all know the more slimming they are. Luckily for you you’ve been blessed with a slender frame and can get away with wearing any color of jeans teamed up with jut about anything.
Finding the right pair of jeans that fit perfectly is a very hard thing to come across if you do find a pair some where why not buy them in every color!


With a straight figure, adding a little fullness on your bottom half can create the illusion of a slim waist and curvier hips. If you are a fan of shorts, pull on a pair that hits no lower than your natural waistline -- look for pleat detailing for a little extra volume. If you love skirts, go for an A-line or gathered-waist silhouette. While jeans may seem like a nightmare, reaching for straight-legged or skinny styles, particularly in bold colors, can showcase your slim hips rather than camouflaging them.


The best outerwear option is a coat with a narrow waistline. Whether your coat is cut this way, or cinched in with a belt, this style will create a hemline that flares, balancing out your bottom half. Create the illusion of an hourglass figure with puff shoulders or epaulets on top. Visual details near the waist, such as flap pockets, bows or embroidery, will also add dimension to your boyish figure.

Dresses for Boyish Shaped Women:
Dresses for the boyish shaped woman can be fabulous, there are so many accessories that you can use to emphasise your body and gain terrific curves.
The perfect dress for the boyish frame flatters and adds curves, look for a dress with a lot of shape however avoid cutesy looks such as puffed sleeves as you will just end up looking little girlish.
Luckily for you most clothing especially dresses actually hangs better on women with smaller busts! If you do want to add more volume up top look for embellishment, ruffles or fullness at the bust. A great dress that automatically makes the chest area appear fuller are empire style dresses, these would be great for your body shape as there usually not clingy so won’t show your boyish frame off underneath.
Another option to create the illusion of curves is to draw attention to your waist, cinched in waist lines or a dress worn with a bodice will defiantly give you some defined curves and help you to achieve that hourglass look.
However make sure you find one of the right length there would be nothing worse then having a floor length dress flapping round your calves.
Maxi dresses are right on trend this season and would look great on your tall slim frame.

Garima Saraswat Pandey
Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hourglass Shaped Body.........

Did you know that only 8.4% of women have the hourglass figure? Considered as the dream figure, the subject of many paintings and sculptures, the hourglass is probably the most envied of all the shapes we have discussed.
Contrary to the body shapes of most supermodels, the hourglass figure is round and curvy, with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and bust and generous thighs.
Probably because of this change in the concept of beauty, many hourglass figured women try to hide their curves. If not, some of these women find it difficult to find the right type of clothes for their body type.

Jeans Styles for Hourglass Shaped Women:

Hourglass figures should ideally wear jeans that have a smaller cut waist, this will help you achieve that beautifully fitted look from waist to hips.
With fitting in mind stretch denim jeans can be the perfect choice and will give you movement and comfort for your shapely figure without having a bulky or tight look.
To balance out your hips choose jeans that have a slightly flared, wide leg or boot cut. Tailored jeans can make your legs appear longer and lift your bottom especially if worn with heals.
Stay away from belts or detailing such as pockets around the hips or bum, it will just add bulk. If your one of the cuddlier hour glasses out there opt for darker colour jeans, they will slim you down.

Dresses for Hourglass Shaped Women:

Many women try to hide and cover up their curves in lose fitting clothes, now is the time to embrace them curves and show off your most envied assets; your perfect proportions and tiny waist! Classic cuts teamed with trendy accessories will have you looking as fabulous as your less endowed sisters. Be careful not to overdo your clothes with ruffles, bows and other frills as your figure itself is enough to draw attention so keep everything simple and you’ll be smashing.
Ideal tops for the hourglass shape are scooped or V necks as these will accentuate your bust. Wrap tops and tops with belts are also good for the hour glass women, the belt or tie will be a feature and style will fall on your slender waistline.
When looking at fabrics aim to buy sheer, soft, clingy fabrics and avoid stiff bulky fabrics and design as they will not be figure hugging. The vertical striped tops can be a good way of elongating your body especially if the garment is fitted or gathered in, this will give the effect of drawing the stripes into your narrow waist area.
On tops and blouses you will need to avoid high necklines like turtlenecks as they draw attention away from the waist, also it would be a good idea to stay away from frills around the hem of a top as these will add width to your hips when you don’t need it making you look unbalanced.

Jackets and Coats for Hourglass Shaped Women:


Fitted and tailored coats and jackets will be one of the best choices for your hourglass figure and well fitted jacket will slim down into the waist will emphasize your figure beautifully.
As an hour glass you are able to pick any length. Tailored longer coats can work well, especially with belts or small pleated waist detail a simple button under the bust can draw attention in the right places.
Single breasted jackets are best for your shape; they just fasten the jacket like their meant to with out any of the extra bulk you would get from a double breasted jacket.
Simplicity is they key when looking for your perfect jacket or coat, try and avoid over accentuated shoulders or pocket detailing.
If you are one of the shorter hour glasses out there try and stick to shorter jackets that end at your hips. Make sure you don’t hide your shape under bulky jackets, stick to the fitted ones that follow the curves of your body. Try small, neat sleeves to soften your usually fleshy upper arms.
Your figure will do the talking when it comes to your coat so just make sure you find one the right fit, size and that nips in and out in all the right places and you can’t go wrong.

Garima Saraswat Pandey
Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]