Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Celebration...........with Style....

Be the first to prepare your New Year’s Eve dress of the year 2013 to be unique among others in terms of color and style. Rock your new year with the newest collection of fabulous dresses that come in plenty of styles and designs to fit all tastes and needs. You should first choose the style that suits your personality and your look as well. In fact, the majority of New Year dresses are short sequined ones which come in simple design with either flared skirt or fitted one along with fitted silhouette. These dresses also presented with various neckline options like straps, halter neck and sweetheart ones. In addition, some of these short dresses come with hand bead work either on the bust, waist line or strappy back. In other words, designers who have launched these amazing dresses used dazzling Swarovski crystals to decorate their dresses and they choose matching colors to go with that of the dress itself.
Moreover, sleeveless dress has ranked the top in 2012, however, there are long and cap sleeve dresses that also look amazing on wearing. You can also find these dresses with straight or deep V-neckline along with sexy thigh high skirt to help women dancing and moving with absolute ease. Furthermore, New Year short dresses are available in flared and multi tiers skirts which look splendid when they come attached with sweetheart neckline and fitted hand bead corset. Another thing we should consider is that in case of dresses with sexy multi tiers skirts, a tulle underlay is added to give the dress some sort of fullness and alluring volume. Exclusive for the New Year’s Eve are the dresses which come with off the shoulder long bell sleeve along with asymmetric strap. This marvelous style of dresses is available in black and red color, the main colors for night parties.
As for long dresses they are presented in sleek and sultry asymmetric style along with one shoulder and a diagonal neckline. This style of dresses also come embellished with dazzling sequins or rhinestones. The additional of high sexy side slit also gives the whole look flirty apparel. That is to say, New Year dresses should be tailored from luxurious materials like embroidery lace, rich tulle, soft chiffon, sequins and organza since these materials are renowned for being durable, versatile and soft on skin besides helping the wearer moving in them with ease. Blue, pink, purple, black, red, silver and golden are the colors which work greatly for New Year parties. Don’t forget to match your selected dress with sexy heel pumps, sandals and equivalence clutches along with simple plain accessories to avoid overwhelming look. All in all, with this spectacular collection of dresses you can stun others with your poise entrance that turns many heads at you.
Garima Saraswat
Senior Fashion Stylist (IIFA)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orgin of Anarkali Salwar Kameez in Bollywood.........

Anarkali style salwar kameez is very popular among bollywood stars.Anarkali suits worn by popular celebrities became very famous in bollywood fashion trend for over two decade since 1970’s.
 Anarkali salwar  suits became popular by Madhubala in the song ‘Pyar kiya to darna kya’ from ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ and Madhuri in the song ‘Aaja Nachle’ from the movie ‘Aaja Nachle’.
              In 1970's and 80's bollywood actresses like Rekha, Parveen Babi, Jayaprada, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Neelam and then Divya Bharti brought this Anarkali selvet style trend in bollywood fashion. Bottom of this kameez called as skirt was simple plain umbrella pattern and top of kameez say blouse or choli is made up of same shiny shimmery chiffon or china silk material. It is of the same material as the skirt or contrast colored cotton material mostly with embroidery work. Neck designs of choli were popular as stand collar or china collar with full sleeves up to wrist and balloon or puffy sleeves at shoulder.
                      Anarkali salwar suits are perfect party wear and look elegant on anyone who wears it. With all the latest designers focusing on Anarkali outfits these days, there are plenty of variations in designs and patterns. Simple suits are replaced with embroidery work, mirror work, velvet patches, paneled work, kundan work to name a few.
Garima Saraswat
Senior Fashion Stylish [IIFA]

Friday, April 6, 2012

What Color Convey...........

Particularly in the working world, the colors you choose to wear can send a message about the type of you personality you have.
1.Wear dark colors to convey authority and power. Some dark colors include black and navy blue
2.Wear pastel colors to seem relaxed and friendly. Some pastel colors include light green and light  purple
3.Mix colors to convey creativity. Make sure to combine colors that match and compliment each other well, such as purple and red.
4.Wear reds for all of your personality traits. Reds tend to vary on the message they send across. Burgundy conveys sophistication, while blue-red conveys assertiveness. An orange-red would be worn by someone who is lively.
5.Wear pinks to convey an open heart. People who wear pink, regardless of gender, appear approachable and capable of loving others.
6.Wear whites to symbolize a new beginning. Wearing whites can symbolize cleaning and offer a fresh, bright new outlook.
7.Wear yellows to display warmth and optimism. This color carries the same healing qualities that are associated with the sun, and are associated with optimism and light.

8.Wear oranges to display high energy. Orange is a bold color that can make you feel quite playful. It's also a color that has a great deal of sexual energy to it.

   Not sure if you are a warm or cool coloration? Use the "Gold and Silver Test". In front of a mirror, put a piece of metallic gold fabric or paper near your face, then do the same with a metallic silver piece of fabric or paper. You can see more of a bluish or yellowish tint.
  • Mix your favorite colors with your best colors. These are often two separate entities. For example, a spring could wear a gray that was not usually her best color if she uplifted it with a warm, jewel green top.
  • What's most important with color tends to be what's near your face. If you love bubble-gum pink, but it simply doesn't match your coloration, you can still wear a pink skirt or enjoy pink handbags and shoes.
  • Realize no single color is entirely "off-limits" due to your coloring. It often depends on the hue, color make-up, and other aspects of the garment. You might look horrible in a mustard, but radiant in a pastel yellow.
  • Try not to be too daring with your color choices. Remember to balance out bolder choices with the right color of eyeshadow and foundation. Just don't go overboard with the colors!
  • Clear color leads to much larger contrasts than muted colors. If you are clear, you will have a large contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, and your skin will have a slight translucent quality. If you are muted, however, there will be a less noticeable contrast and you may have some ash tones in your coloring. Your coloring will probably be softer than that of a clear person.
          Garima Saraswat
          Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do's and Dont's When It Comes to Fashion Selection......

  •  A woman’s clothes must be comfortable and feminine, but edgy at the same time. Her style should reflect her personality and her personal philosophy.

  •  It is important to look different each time. Wear something that suits your mood, the place you are at and the season.

  •  Your wardrobe is complete when it contains a garment for every possible occasion. It is important to be dressed appropriately and to have good outfits for each circumstance.

  •  It is good to wear outfits by different designers. That way you are not only wearing different colour schemes but also wearing different thought processes. Each dress gives you a different feel.

  • It is good to keep up with trends, but there has to be a balance. Right now, neon and electronic hues are in. You could wear one item of that colour and allow it to complement what is already there in your wardrobe. Let one thing in your outfit scream for attention and the others simply support it.

  • Just because something is in fashion, you do not have to wear it. Pick something that you think is right for you. Let it sit comfortably on you. You must be confident enough to pull it off well. There must be a mind behind your fashion.
  •  Pick accessories make a statement on their own. Your jewellery needn’t be of a popular brand, as long as they are catchy. Your shoes and bags are also important. Buy them in various colours.

  •  Buy pieces that will last beyond one season. Clothes must be wearable for a long time. The fashion cycle will continue and come back to where it began. So, buy something that is reliable in the long run.

  •  You must be aware of current trends. However, following them will not assure you good looks. A good looking woman feels beautiful, when she is comfortable in her own skin and has a positive glow about her.

  •  Less is always more. Try not to wear too many colours at a time. Avoid loud make-up. It only clutters your look. Have a clear and likeable style.      
       Garima Saraswat
       Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

Monday, March 5, 2012

Play Safe Holi............

The Spring Festival of India, Holi - is a festival of colors. Celebrated in March or April according to the Hindu calendar, it was meant to welcome the spring and win the blessings of Gods for good harvests and fertility of the land. As with all the Hindu festivals,Holi celebration begins with lighting up of bonfire on the Holi eve. People rub 'gulal' and 'abeer' on each others' faces and cheer up saying, "bura na maano Holi hai". Holi also gives a wonderful chance to send blessings and love to dear ones wrapped in a special Holi gift.

Here are a few tips and suggestion to make your holi safe and joyous-:

  • While playing Holi, always wear old and ragged clothes that can be discarded immediately after the occasion. Brightly colored and dark colored clothes are preferable for the mood of the day. This way, you will save a lot of time in laundering your stained clothes. 
  • Wear full-sleeved t-shirts or shirts and leggings that cover your legs fully, so that your sensitive body parts are not exposed to the harmful chemicals of the colors of Holi. Wearing socks on the occasion is a good idea too. 
  • Since it is almost impossible to save yourself face from attack of colors on Holi, so while being attacked, keep your eyes and lips tightly closed. 
  • If you are playing Holi, apply a thick layer of coconut or any oil on your body and hair until they glisten and you become slippery. The oily coat would protect you from the immediate effect of harmful chemicals of the colors of Holi. This will not only help in escaping from the frenzied mob attack, but also will help you to wash off colors easily, later on. 
  • While washing off the color from your face, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes and lips tightly closed. 
  • Cover your hair. Make use of hat or caps to protect your hair from being coloured with hard-to-rinse dyes.
  • Apply thick coating of paint on your nails- both in fingers and toes so that they remain protected.  
  • If you are traveling on Holi, keep the car windows tightly shut. It is still better to avoid traveling on the day of playing colors, because you never know, when balloons filled with colors and water might fall onto you. 
  • Do not make use of harmful colors for Holi. This will not only prove harmful to your playmates, but also spoil your Holi. Make use of herbal colors for the festival. 
  • Use more of red or pink colours which looks good and can easily taken off. Gaudy purple, green, yellow, orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided. 
Choose herbal colors that are easily available in the market, for Holi. You may also make herbal colors at home. For instance, red sandalwood powder can be used to make red color; henna powder can be put in best use to make the bright green color, while yellow color can be made by making use of turmeric powder.
Garima Saraswat
Senior Fashion Stylist [IIFA]

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Basant Panchami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basant Panchami, Vasant Panchami or Shree Panchami is associated with the Spring Festival that is observed in the month of February or March especially in North India.
This festival is also called as Jashan-e Baharaan by Muslims in Pakistan. The festival is celebrated at the closure of winter to welcome spring season and is celebrated by all religion.
On this day yellow color is considered lucky as it signifies spirituality and therefore people wear clothes, apply frontal mark, offer flowers to God, and prepare dishes all of yellow color. In various forms and names, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped in West Bengal. On this day many fairs are organized, people fly kites and fields also look mustard yellow after ripening................

Garima Saraswat
Senior Fashion Stylist ( IIFA)